Chiara Gregori

Spec. in Ginecologia e Ostetricia - Sessuologa clinica - Consulente Sessuale

Who I am

I graduated in Med school at University Statale of Milan with top grades cum lauda in 2001, and I specialised in Obstetrics and gynaecology five years later. In the meanwhile I gave birth to my two daughters and I had a third one in 2009.

I followed the master in Clinical Sexology at Pisa University in 2012, receiving the title of Sexology Consultant, and I then decided to deepen my knowledge of the subject and become a Clinical Sexologist, following the school of Centro disturbi affettivi in Genova.

I speak English fluently and have a good understanding of French and Spanish. I am learning the basis of Arabian and Sri Lankan in order to facilitate communication with migrant women too.


During a pregnancy it is wise to be checked once a month. we will monitor both the maternal well being and the fetal one, through blood and urine tests and with a clinical-anamnestic visit. it is an important chance to share possible fears and anxities, or simply express emotions and doubts.

Pregnancies rarely run complicated. maternal blood pressure can be high, a diabetes can develop or there could be a fetal problem. some women may have health issues which could affect the pregnancy, needing therefore a more medicalized care. i will consider the option of hospital support or simply more frequent checks and tests.

The 10-20% of first trimester pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. this is not a pathological condition, although it can be a very sad and distressing experience. usually the true and simple fact that it is a natural event, is not enough for soothing the sadness. when the miscarriages occur more than three times in a row, we can diagnose a poliabortivity and begin investigating in order to find possible causes and therapies.

It is wise to be checked every one or two years in order to prevent or diagnose diseases, and set a suitable plan for maintening the phisiology and anatomy.

Several women ask themselves when they should take their daughters to see the gynecologist for the first time. I don’t see any reason for rushing to the doctor after menarche or even before, if the child/girl feels fine. a first check around 13-14 years of age could allow the girl to ask questions or express fears and doubts, whose answers could anyway be seeked in the web or among friends with less reliability.
Pediatricians often take good care of small gynecological disturbs of their patients, but in case of persistance, i believe that a sensitive and sensible gynecological would be more appropriate.

It is a scan done through the delicate insertion of the probe in the vagina. it provides a clear image of the pelvic organs with no need of a full bladder.

It is a scan done through the abdomen. it does not require to insert the probe in the vagina so that it is suitable also for women with no previous sexual intercourses, but it requires a full bladder and it can sometimes be obstacled by a full bowel.

During the first obstetric check, it is important to stage the pregnancy in order to estimate the delivery date. the staging through the measures of the amniotic sac and embryo is very precise. It is also important to spot possible uterine or ovarian problems that could jeopardize the pregnancy, or abnormal site of pregnancy that could be dangerous for the woman’s health.

An unwanted pregnancy is usually a very difficult moment that carries with it fears and doubts. Since 1978 in Italy it is legal to interrupt a pregnancy during the first 90 days of it. It is a very delicate issue, that involves cultural, ethical and religious aspects. During my studies I have learnt that I should never judge: as a medical doctor I try to help women to take the right decision for themselves, after having clinically and ecographically checked the pregnancy.

A happy and aware sexuality is made possible by a good relationship with oneself and with her/his body. This is the starting point, I believe, for the search of a fulfilling sexuality, that can truly represent each person.